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Periscope Music Group is a music management, talent buying and booking team that works with artists between Tennessee and Texas. 


Jenna Paulette has taken her natural inclination toward country music and committed to succeed. Jenna, who was born in Texas, recently relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. She has quickly become a respected writer and performer who has industry insiders taking notice and paying attention. She has a unique voice that sets her apart from other singers currently in Nashville. Her singing and writing talents have attracted some great writers and performers who have collaborated with Jenna on some exciting new projects.


Jenna Paulette

Nashville insiders such as Jason Matthews, Johnny Bulford, Trent Summar,  Greg Crowe, (award-winning songwriter, producer, recording artist and performer) Kyle Cook (Matchbox Twenty) and, most importantly, songwriter/producer Ashley Gorley. He has mentored Jenna as a writer over the last three years.“I have watched Jenna grow as artist and writer over the past few years,” Gorley said. “She makes songs her own and her personality comes through. She has a great shot at this; I’ve loved her versions of my songs and I’m looking forward to hearing more.”


Jenna is quickly developing a reputation for delivering great material, cutting edge-commercial songs, brought to life by her distinctive voice. “Jenna writes and sings songs about what she knows, her passion and connections to those songs are what attracts people to her music” Her manager, Jake Crownover, said “She believes in what she sings, which is rare, in my opinion.”

After moving to Nashville in July, Jenna continues to grow and expand industry relationships critical for success while cultivating new ones. Jenna and the team are focused on taking her music to a national stage. Her work ethic, team, relationships, talent and unique voice have positioned her to be in the right place at the right time to be country music’s next down-to-earth, “it” girl.